About the Tommy Cars Collection

  1. Who is Tommy Cars, and why is Tom Clarke's car collection famous?

    Tommy is a pseudonym for a car collector who has gained notoriety for assembling a diverse and impressive array of vehicles. Tom Clarke’s collection is famous for its unique cars, which include rare classics, modern supercars, one-off custom builds, and race cars.

  2. How many cars does Tommy Cars have in the collection?

    The exact number can fluctuate as collectors often buy and sell vehicles. It's best to refer to recent interviews or public profiles for the most current count.

  3. What types of cars are in Tommy’s collection?

    Typically, a collector like Tom Clarke® purchases a mix of vintage classics, muscle cars, european sports cars, luxury sedans, and cutting-edge supercars.

  4. Can the public view Tommy’s car collection?

    No. Tommy Cars is a private collection. On rare occasions, his cars have been seen at special events, charity’s and being driven on the streets Miami, Las Vegas Strip, California Canyon roads, SEMA and racetracks.

  5. How does Tommy Cars acquire cars?

    Collectors often acquire cars through auctions, private sales, trades with other collectors, or by commissioning new vehicles directly from manufacturers or a custom builder. Tommy Cars only seeks the best in custom builders, such as Gunther Werks®, Dave Kindig of Kindigit Designs, and others.

  6. What is the most valuable car in Tommy’s collection?

    Valuable cars in such collections are often those with historical significance, rarity, or custom features. The most valuable would likely be his custom-built, hand crafted, super cars from Gunther Werks®, or one of a kind builds from Dave Kindig, of which there are a variety of these ultra-rare resto-mods and supercars.

  7. Has Tommy’s collection won any awards?

    Yes, Tom Clarke®, Dave Kindig, and Gunther Werks® have received numerous awards for the builds they collaborated on. Collections of this nature often participate in car shows and concours events. TC chooses to keep the collection private, so if you see one, its most likely on a track, at an event, or TC driving some of his resto-mods on the roads of Miami to the west coast, as he has collections on both coasts.

  8. Are there any special themes or focuses within Tommy’s collection?

    Some collectors focus on particular eras, makes, or models, while others might aim for diversity. You would need to refer to specific information about Tommy’s collection for details. You can find some information on Tommy Cars Builds and Brands pages.

  9. Does Tommy’s collection include any racing cars?

    Yes, it’s common for car collectors to have an interest in motorsports, given that Tom frequents tracks for data on his cars, so yes, the collection typically contains some racing cars.

  10. How is the collection maintained?

    Such collections are typically maintained by a team of professional mechanics and conservators who ensure each vehicle is in top condition. Tommy Cars has engineers, builders, and its own in-house maintenance team.

  11. Has Tommy collaborated with custom car builders?

    Yes, Tom works closely with custom builders to create one-of-a-kind vehicles that represent their personal style and preferences. Dave Kindig of Kindig It Design and Gunther Werks are two of the builders Tom Clarke has worked with, for example.

  12. What is Tommy’s philosophy on collecting cars?

    Drive your cars, don’t park and look at them! While each collector has their own philosophy, which can range from investment strategies to a passion for preserving automotive history or a love for the engineering and design of automobiles, which he also believes in, Tom is insistent that cars are built to be driven, not stored to keep low miles and sold.

  13. Does Tommy loan his cars for events or films?

    Yes, some collectors loan out their vehicles for special events, exhibitions, or film and television productions. Tom is no different.

  14. How does Tommy decide which car to add to his collection?

    Decisions are often based on the car’s rarity, potential appreciation value, personal appeal, and significance within automotive history.

  15. Are there any books or documentaries about Tommy Car’s collection?

    It would depend on the collector’s prominence and willingness to share his collection with media and the public. Tommy Cars is a private collection, however Tom's 1953 CF1 #006/01 (first convertible/01) is featured on the TV show Bitchin’ Rides with his friend, Dave Kindig of Kindig It Design.

  16. Does Tommy Cars sell cars?

    No, Tommy Cars is not a car dealer nor are any cars for sale.

  17. Does Tommy Cars’ Trademark real?

    Yes, Tommy Cars, LLC® and Tom Clarke® both are individually Registered Trademarks with the USPTO and may only be used with permission. Any other brands mentioned are the trademarks of their respective owners/holders.

About Chris Jacobs

  1. Who is Chris Jacobs?

    Chris Jacobs is a well-known television host and personality, primarily recognized for his work in the automotive realm. Over the years, he's hosted several automotive-based shows, including Overhaulin® and has been a prominent figure at car-related events and broadcasts.

  2. What shows has Chris Jacobs hosted?

    Chris Jacobs has been associated with multiple TV shows. He's best known for Overhaulin®, but has also been a part of broadcasts for the Barrett-Jackson auto auctions and co-hosted "Long Lost Family" on TLC.

  3. Is Chris Jacobs involved in any charity work?

    Yes, Chris has been involved in various charitable endeavors over the years. He has a deep personal connection to adoption causes, having been adopted himself, and has often supported and raised awareness for such causes.

  4. Where did Chris Jacobs start his television career?

    Chris began his television career with the Entertainment Tonight spin-off "The Insider."

  5. Is Chris Jacobs a car enthusiast in real life?

    Absolutely! His passion for cars isn't just for television. Chris is a genuine car enthusiast, and this genuine passion shines through in his TV roles.

  6. Does Chris Jacobs own any classic or custom cars?

    Yes, Chris is known to have a few cars in his collection, reflecting his love for classic and customized vehicles.

  7. How can fans connect with Chris Jacobs on social media?

    Chris Jacobs is active on various social media platforms, including X (Twitter) and Instagram. Fans can follow him there to stay updated on his latest projects and personal updates.

  8. Has Chris Jacobs worked on other non-automotive related shows?

    Yes, besides his well-known car shows, Chris co-hosted "Long Lost Family" on TLC, a show that aims to reunite separated families.

  9. Where did Chris Jacobs study?

    Chris Jacobs completed his undergraduate studies at Whittier College and later earned a law degree from Western State University. But what truly sets Jacobs apart is his authenticity. Unlike many hosts who simply read from a script, Chris is a genuine car enthusiast. His enthusiasm isn't just reserved for the gleaming final products but is evident throughout the painstaking restoration process. Whether he's exploring the rusted bowels of a barn-find or marveling at the gleaming chrome of a freshly restored classic, his love for cars is palpable.

About Dave Kindig

  1. Who is Dave Kindig?

    Dave Kindig is a renowned custom car designer, builder, and the owner of Kindig-It Design, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He's recognized for his innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship in the automotive world.

  2. What is Kindig-It Design?

    Kindig-It Design is a custom car restoration and modification company founded by Dave Kindig. The company specializes in creating one-of-a-kind vehicles, combining classic styles with modern technology.

  3. Has Dave Kindig been featured on television?

    Yes, Dave Kindig is the star of the TV show "Bitchin' Rides," which airs on the Motor Trend® Network. The show follows Dave and his team as they restore and build custom cars.

  4. How long has Kindig-It Design been in business?

    Dave Kindig founded Kindig-It Design in 1999. Since then, the company has been producing award-winning custom cars.

  5. What awards has Dave Kindig received?

    Dave Kindig and his team have received numerous awards for their custom car designs, including several prestigious honors at events like the SEMA Show.

  6. Can I tour the Kindig-It Design shop?

    Yes, Kindig-It Design offers shop tours, allowing fans and enthusiasts to see where the magic happens. However, it's advisable to check their official website or contact them directly for details and availability.

  7. Does Dave Kindig have any signature products?

    Absolutely! Dave Kindig has patented smooth door handles that are popular in the custom car industry. Additionally, the Kindig-It Design shop offers various merchandise, including apparel and accessories.

  8. How can I reach out to Dave Kindig or Kindig-It Design for a custom car project?

    You can contact Kindig-It Design through their official website. Keep in mind that Dave and his team are often booked well in advance due to high demand.

  9. Where can I see some of the cars designed by Dave Kindig?

    Apart from the "Bitchin' Rides" TV show, you can check out Kindig-It Design's official website and social media channels. They frequently update their galleries with the latest projects.

  10. Is Dave Kindig active on social media?

    Yes, Dave Kindig is active on several social media platforms, including Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook. Through these channels, he shares updates about current projects, events, and behind-the-scenes looks at the shop's operations. Dave Kindig is a significant figure in the custom car world. His dedication to the craft, combined with his innovative vision, has made him a standout name in the industry. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to the world of custom cars, there's no denying the impact and artistry of Dave Kindig and Kindig-It Design.

About Kevin Schiele

  1. Who is Kevin Schiele?

    Kevin Schiele, often known as "KevDogg", is a key figure in the automotive customizing industry, especially known for his association with Kindig-It Design. He's garnered attention for his remarkable work on custom cars and his appearances on the TV show "Bitchin' Rides".

  2. What is Kevin's role at Kindig-It Design?

    Kevin Schiele is the Shop Foreman at Kindig-It Design. He plays a pivotal role in overseeing projects, ensuring quality control, and guiding the team to produce top-notch custom cars.

  3. Has Kevin always been with Kindig-It Design?

    No, Kevin joined Kindig-It Design in the early 2000s. However, he has since become an integral part of the team and one of the most recognizable faces of the brand.

  4. What is "Bitchin' Rides"?

    "Bitchin' Rides" is a reality TV show that airs on the Motor Trend Network. The show offers an inside look at Kindig-It Design, showcasing the company's unique custom car builds. Kevin Schiele is a frequent presence on the show, offering insights into the customization process.

  5. Is Kevin involved in any other TV projects?

    Besides "Bitchin' Rides", Kevin has made appearances in other car-related shows and often participates in automotive events, car shows, and interviews.

  6. How did Kevin get into the custom car business?

    Kevin has always had a passion for cars. His early involvement in the automotive world and his keen eye for detail led him to the custom car industry, where he quickly made a name for himself.

  7. Where can fans follow Kevin's work or updates?

    Kevin is active on social media platforms like Instagram, where he often shares updates on current projects, events, and behind-the-scenes glimpses from Kindig-It Design and "Bitchin' Rides".

  8. Does Kevin participate in car events or shows?

    Yes, Kevin frequently attends car events, trade shows like SEMA, and other automotive gatherings, representing Kindig-It Design and showcasing their latest custom builds.

  9. What types of vehicles has Kevin worked on?

    Over the years, Kevin has worked on a wide variety of vehicles, from classic cars to modern machines, each with its unique customization and restoration challenges.

  10. What makes Kevin Schiele stand out in the custom car industry?

    Kevin's attention to detail, deep understanding of cars, and his ability to bring a client's vision to life set him apart. His work ethic, combined with his skills and knowledge, has cemented his reputation in the custom car world.

About Chip Foose®

  1. Who is Chip Foose?

    Chip Foose® is a renowned American automobile designer and the host of Velocity's reality TV series, Overhaulin®. He is recognized for his distinctive and imaginative custom car designs, drawings, and unique approach to the automotive restoration and custom industry.

  2. Where did Chip Foose get his start in the automotive industry?

    Chip's passion for cars started at a young age, assisting his father in his company, Project Design. He further honed his skills at the Art Center College of Design, leading him to positions at companies like ASHA Corp. and later forming his own company, Foose Design®.

  3. What are some notable awards won by Chip Foose?

    Over his illustrious career, Foose has won numerous awards, including the coveted Ridler Award multiple times, which is considered one of the highest honors in the custom car world.

  4. What is Overhaulin®?

    Overhaulin® is a television show where unsuspecting car owners get their vehicles secretly "stolen" by friends or family and then completely redesigned and restored by Foose and his team. The dramatic reveal to the owner is the highlight of each episode.

  5. What is unique about Foose's design style?

    Chip Foose is known for his clean designs and the integration of modern technology in classic car frames. His ability to visualize and produce designs that respect the original character of the car while giving them a fresh, updated look is unparalleled.

  6. Where is Foose Design® located?

    Foose Design® is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California, where Chip and his team work on a variety of projects, from full custom car builds to product designs.

  7. Has Chip Foose collaborated with any major automobile manufacturers?

    Yes, Chip has had collaborative projects with brands like Ford, where he played a significant role in creating custom designs for limited edition vehicles and concept cars.

  8. Where can I buy Foose-designed merchandise?

    There's an array of merchandise, ranging from apparel to sketches, available on the official Foose Design® website and at various automotive events where Foose Design® has a presence.

  9. How can I get my car designed or modified by Chip Foose?

    Those interested can reach out directly through the Foose Design® website. However, due to high demand and Chip's commitment to quality, there might be a waiting period.

  10. Is Chip Foose active on social media?

    Yes, Chip Foose is active on various social media platforms where he shares his latest projects, designs, sketches, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work. Followers can catch him on platforms like Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook.

About Gunther Werks®

  1. What is Gunther Werks?

    Gunther Werks is a specialty car company renowned for its meticulously re-imagined Porsche 993 platforms. The firm focuses on crafting highly detailed and performance-focused renditions of the Porsche 911, often regarded as some of the best modern interpretations of the classic model.

  2. Where is Gunther Werks located?

    Gunther Werks is based in Huntington Beach, Southern California, where the company designs, engineers, and hand crafts its projects.

  3. What makes Gunther Werks stand out in the custom car world?

    Gunther Werks is distinguished by its devotion to precision, craftsmanship, and its focus on producing limited numbers of highly bespoke vehicles. Their reinterpretations of the Porsche 993 maintain the model's classic allure while integrating modern engineering and design methodologies.

  4. How are the cars produced by Gunther Werks different from the original Porsche 993?

    While preserving the timeless aesthetics of the Porsche 993, Gunther Werks enhances the car’s aerodynamics, upgrades its powertrain, modernizes its interior, and utilizes carbon fiber for weight reduction and increased strength.

  5. How many cars does Gunther Werks produce annually?

    The company is known for its exclusivity, producing a limited number of vehicles each year to ensure the highest standards of craftsmanship and detail. Exact numbers may vary, so potential clients and enthusiasts are encouraged to reach out directly to the company for specifics.

  6. How can one purchase a car from Gunther Werks?

    Interested parties can get in touch with Gunther Werks directly through their official website or authorized representatives. Given the limited production nature, there might be a waiting period or specific application process for some of their special edition models.

  7. What is the price range for a Gunther Werks car?

    Given the bespoke nature of their work, the price can vary depending on customization, materials, and engineering specifics, six to seven digits not including your donor car. It's best to contact the company directly for precise figures.

  8. Do Gunther Werks vehicles come with a warranty?

    Yes, Gunther Werks provides a warranty on their vehicles, emphasizing their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The specifics of the warranty can be discussed directly with the company.

  9. How does Gunther Werks select the base cars for their projects?

    Gunther Werks typically chooses well-maintained Porsche 993® models as the foundation for their builds, ensuring that each project starts with a solid and reliable base.

  10. Is Gunther Werks affiliated with Porsche AG?

    No, Gunther Werks is an independent company and is not officially affiliated with Porsche® AG. However, their work is deeply rooted in the appreciation and reverence of the Porsche legacy. Gunther Werks doesn’t build Porsche’s, rather they are a service company for your donor Porsche, which is then remastered by Gunther Werks.

About the International Motor Sports Association® (IMSA)

  1. What is the International Motor Sports Association® (IMSA)?

    The International Motor Sports Association® (IMSA) is a North American auto racing sanctioning body. It was founded in 1969 by John Bishop with the help of NASCAR founder Bill France Sr. IMSA oversees multiple sports car racing series, most notably the IMSA Weather Tech® Sports Car Championship.

  2. What kind of racing does IMSA oversee?

    IMSA sanctions various forms of sports car racing, including endurance and sprint races. The most renowned series they oversee is the Weather Tech Sports Car Championship, which includes prototype and GT racing classes. Other series include the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge and the IMSA Prototype Challenge.

  3. What is the Weather Tech Sports Car Championship?

    The Weather Tech Sports Car Championship is IMSA's premier sports car racing series in North America. It features both prototype and GT-based classes competing in a mix of sprint and endurance races.

  4. When and where are IMSA races held?

    IMSA races are held at premier racing circuits across North America, including tracks like Daytona International Speedway, Sebring International Raceway®, and Road Atlanta. The racing season typically spans from January to October.

  5. What is the significance of the Rolex® 24 at Daytona in IMSA racing?

    The Rolex 24 at Daytona is one of the most prestigious endurance races in the world. Organized by IMSA, it kicks off the Weather Tech Sports Car Championship season every January. The 24-hour race is a true test of speed, reliability, and teamwork.

  6. How can one watch IMSA races?

    IMSA races are broadcasted on various TV networks, depending on the region. In the United States, NBC Sports holds the broadcasting rights. Additionally, IMSA offers live streaming of races and live timing on its official website.

  7. Which teams and manufacturers compete in IMSA?

    Numerous high-profile teams and manufacturers participate in IMSA races, including Porsche®, BMW®, Chevrolet®, Ford®, Lamborghini®, Audi®, Cadillac®, and more. The roster changes each year, depending on the entries for the specific season.

  8. How does IMSA maintain competitive balance among teams?

    IMSA uses a Balance of Performance (BoP) methodology to ensure that no specific car or manufacturer dominates the races due to inherent advantages. Adjustments, including weight, turbo boost, and fuel flow, are made as necessary to ensure close competition.

  9. How can one get involved with IMSA racing?

    Whether as a fan, a racer, or a sponsor, there are multiple avenues to get involved with IMSA. For aspiring racers, it's crucial to gain experience, build a racing resume, and seek opportunities with existing teams. Fans can attend races, join fan clubs, or even volunteer at events. Companies can seek sponsorship or partnership opportunities with teams, drivers, or IMSA directly.

  10. What is IMSA's relationship with the FIA®?

    While IMSA operates independently, it has a collaborative relationship with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile® (FIA). Some regulations, especially those concerning safety and car specifications, are aligned to ensure coherence and to allow teams to compete in various global events.

About Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)

  1. What is the FIA?

    The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is the governing body for world motor sport and the federation of the world’s leading motoring organizations. Established in 1904, it represents the interests of motoring organizations and motor car users.

  2. What is the role of the FIA?

    The FIA has two main pillars: sport and mobility. On the sports side, it governs various motorsport series around the world, including Formula 1®, World Rally Championship®, and World Endurance Championship®, among others. On the mobility side, the FIA works to ensure safe, sustainable, and accessible mobility for all road users worldwide.

  3. Who leads the FIA?

    The FIA is led by its President. As of my last update in January 2022, Jean Todt is the FIA president. The presidency, executive team, and various committees oversee the operations and initiatives of the FIA.

  4. What is the significance of the FIA in Formula 1®?

    The FIA is the governing body of Formula 1. It sets the regulations, oversees safety, officiates races, and ensures fair competition. The Concorde Agreement is a contract between the FIA®, the Formula 1® teams, and the Formula One Group that dictates the terms of the competition.

  5. How does the FIA promote safety?

    Safety is a core pillar of the FIA's mission. They continually research and innovate in areas of driver safety, leading to developments like the HANS device, halo system, and safer barriers. The FIA also leads road safety campaigns for everyday road users worldwide.

  6. How does the FIA handle disputes in racing events?

    The FIA has a set of stewards for each racing series, and they are responsible for interpreting and enforcing regulations. If an incident occurs during a race, the stewards can investigate and hand out penalties as they see fit. Teams can also lodge official protests, which the FIA will review.

  7. What other racing series does the FIA govern?

    Beyond Formula 1®, the FIA governs a multitude of racing series, including the World Rally Championship® (WRC), World Endurance Championship® (WEC), Formula E, and many others. Each series has its own set of regulations and characteristics.

  8. How does one become an FIA-licensed driver?

    Obtaining an FIA racing license involves progressing through the ranks of lower-tier licenses, demonstrating skill and competence at each level. The specific requirements can vary based on the country's motorsport governing body and the type of racing.

  9. How is the FIA involved in everyday road safety?

    Through its mobility pillar, the FIA is actively engaged in numerous campaigns and initiatives to improve road safety. This includes campaigns against distracted driving, for child safety, and for improved infrastructure.

  10. How can one get involved with the FIA or its initiatives?

    Those interested in motorsport can engage through their national automobile club or association, many of which are FIA members. For those interested in mobility initiatives, the FIA offers various resources, campaigns, and platforms for involvement.

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