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Kindig It Design - CF1

Kindig It Design, led by Dave Kindig, has been making waves throughout the automotive world by breaking the boundaries of what is possible in restomods. Documenting their journey and innovations in custom tailored fabrication through the hit show “Bitchin’ Rides,” Kindig It Designs has set its sights even higher with Dave Kindig's newest “CF1” design, inspired by the '53 Corvette. Completely customized and fabricated carbon fiber body, Lingerfelter tuned LS7 motor with fitted Borla 8-stack injection, Wilwood disc brakes, and even the wheels are one offs, and of course more. From the frame up, the CF1 brings the extravagance and polish of its muse back to life, while taking it to greater heights in true Kindig It Design style.

From my first conversation with Dave, his commitment to making each car exceptional was clear and I knew I wanted to build something special with the Kindig It Design team. - Tom Clarke

Breaking Boundaries

The CF1, especially with Tom and Dave's special additions, is a huge leap forward for high quality, high detail custom fabrication. With a completely custom fabricated chassis, Kindig It Design is breaking boundaries by proving that a shop building custom cars and restomods can manufacture an entire vehicle at and above the quality only possible by large-scale manufacturers in the past. The CF1 may be inspired by timeless cars of the past, but it is a true inspiration for the future.


A true piece of automotive history, the original 1953 "C1" Corvette, was surrounded by excitement as the Corvette went from prototype to production, the beginning of a new household name in cars. Limited to only 300 production units in 1953, the 1953 Corvette is one of the rarest, most admired collector cars today.

More to Come

Tom and Kindig began the talks on a CF1 build, commissioned in 2021, with some unique additions that Tom, Dave, and the build team are incredibly excited about. Check back on Tommy Cars as we share more about this exceptional build that will be completed in 2022.

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