Gunther Werks®

Porsche 993 - Project Tornado


The Gunther Werks® “Project Tornado” is a unique car, paying homage to the original 993 design and the special moment in Porsche® history it represents, with most of the 911 parts redesigned from the ground up and improved upon in both technical capability and design. Bringing this history into a new generation of carbon fiber, with meticulous attention to detail in both design and performance, made starting his build an easy decision for Tom. Beauty and performance have never met like this to create the world's most intimidating and capable, air-cooled, rear-wheel drive Porsche restomod that is both a track monster and an on street driver.

Build Features


  • Full Carbon Fiber Body
  • Wheels are Split Carbon Fiber and Magnesium
    Front: 18” x 11”; Rear: 18” x 13”
    Step-lip design created by tapering in cleanly, avoiding a 90° angle weak point in carbon fiber, with a magnesium center to meet the torque requirements on the wheels.
  • Exhaust Tips 3D-Printed in Titanium and Inconel®
  • Double Bubble Carbon Fiber Roof for Racing Helmet Space
  • Tail Light Design with single, continuous, curved, Red LED Bar


  • Gunther Werks Gen 2 Carbon Bucket Seats
    Hollow carbon fiber seat shell, with cushion applied sporadically on top to reduce cushion-weight of the seats while retaining maximum comfort.
  • Seat Cushions are Shaped and Designed to the Individual Owner
  • Hollow Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
  • Convenience Controls on Steering Wheel
  • Convenient Nose Lift Control
  • Center Console with Magnetic Charger

Mechanical & Engineering

  • 4.0L twin-turbo Rothsport Racing Engine
    Revs to 7,500 rpm
  • Flat Engine Intake Fan
    Cools all cylinders evenly and over doubles the amount of air supplied to the engine. 65% of the airflow cools the barrels and pistons, while 35% cools the heads.
  • Brembo CCM-R Carbon Fiber Brakes
    Rotors are layers of carbon fiber fabric, applied layer by layer and fused to create, taking 8 months for Brembo to produce.
  • JRZ Active Suspension - Computer Controlled
    Suspension is truly adaptive, using a real-time algorithm with a response time of 25ms.

Cooling & AeroDynamics

  • Functional Front Duct
    Takes air in from the middle of the intake opening in the front bumper and exiting over the hood to create down-force on the front of the car.
  • Front Fender Vents
    Transport air from the front radiator oil coolers to a path outside the wheels, improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle.
  • Integrated Flat Rear Diffuser Runs through the under-body of the car to manipulate air flow under the vehicle.
  • Open Design Rear Bumper
    Allows from maximum removal of heat from the engine bay.
  • Spoiler Side Intake
    Feeds air directly into the intake fan.
  • Intake Ducts in Rear Quarter Panels
    • Vented rear fender intake goes straight into the turbo for faster throttle response, quicker spool time, and less turbo lag.
    • While Porsches are typically inter-cooled, these are charge-cooled, resulting in 17 times more efficiency.

Gunther Werks®

Combining Tom Clarke's long-time love of exceptional Porsche cars with the unparalleled design and engineering prowess of Gunther Werks, this remastered Porsche 993 raises the bar for any restomod project. With a fully carbon fiber body and a plethora of carbon fiber continuing into the cockpit, hand-crafted seats, steering wheel, and so much more, the craftsmanship is impeccable. Exquisite Alcantara leather with contrasting stitching adorns the interior, reminding us that Gunther Werks only uses the best. Combined with an unparalleled attention to performance, Gunther Werks' impeccable, hard-earned reputation is on full display.

To have a team like this build a car is a journey, taking years to complete and listening to each other. With Peter at the head of the build, combined with Amjad, Jeff and the intense Gunther Werks team, I have an elegant weapon in the making. - Tom Clarke®
Tom exchanges key with Peter Nam

Photo: Peter handing Tom the custom fabricated Key to his Porsche Turbo build after an in-depth study about color options.

Speaking with Peter Nam, the man behind it all, is nothing short of an amazing experience. He listens and thinks deeply, while formulating the build in his head as he's speaking with you, to match the car to your vision and needs.

I study in great detail to engineering, performance fit/finish and, most importantly, the team behind the build. - Tom Clarke® at The Quail & Pebble Beach 2022 Release

Regarding Amjad...all I can say is that he is beyond brilliant. All you can do is try to soak up his wealth of engineering and how he applied it to the Gunther Werks “Project Tornado.” I've watched his videos over and over, but to hear Amjad speak in person, with his passion and knowledge, is a true delight. Never take anything lightly when Amjad is speaking; you will be the one at the forfeiture.

Photo: Amjad speaking with Tom about a wide range of engineering topics.

Tom talks with Amjad Ali

Rothsport Racing

Jeff Gamroth's Rothsport Racing built the 4.0-liter twin-turbo engine, bringing 600 horsepower (700 horsepower in track mode) to an already exceptional car. The teamwork between Gunther Werks and Rothsport Racing is unmatched, with the design of all elements of the car complementing each other throughout. It is hard to imagine a team that could intertwine beauty and performance so thoughtfully in every aspect, as Gunther Werks and Rothsport Racing have here.

Tom exchanges key with Peter Nam

Photo: Jeff Gamroth and Tom Clarke at the Gunther Werks private showcase of the air-cooled turbo.

Tom spoke with Jeff in great length to seek his council and expertise on the motor build of the project, a man Tom personally followed during his racing history when he was younger. Jeff knows his motors, chassis, and every single nut and bolt having built the motor for the Gunther Werks Turbo and naturally aspirated engines.

Doing these builds you learn that this is not really my car, rather the team's car. I have done builds with the best in the industry and what happens when you have the right team is that the build is everyone's car, I just get the key to drive it home. The pride, passion, and expertise that each team member provides is the final product. The journey combined with the team is possibly the best part of building one-off restomods.  - Tom Clarke®

An Elegant Weapon

Rarely has undeniable attraction met with hypercar performance with such elegance. Everything about Project Tornado is intentional...gorgeous body lines designed with innovative aerodynamic and intake/cooling features. Tom elected to include a two-tier spoiler in his build, designed to optimize down-force, while cooling off the engine and its turbos. With many other unique options, there is no mistaking the goal of this project: An Elegant Weapon.

More to Come

Check back as we post more photos and features unique to Tom's build are released...