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The Shelby American®, Inc., commonly known as Shelby, is an iconic American automotive manufacturer with a rich history steeped in performance and motorsport excellence. Founded by Carroll Shelby in 1962, the company has left an indelible mark on the world of high-performance automobiles.

Carroll Shelby, a former racing driver, recognized the potential of combining American muscle with European sports car finesse. His vision gave birth to some of the most legendary performance cars in automotive history. One of the earliest and most famous creations was the Shelby Cobra, a fusion of a lightweight British AC Ace chassis with a potent Ford V8 engine. The Cobra's success on and off the track solidified Shelby's reputation for building incredibly fast and agile sports cars.

Shelby's collaboration with Ford led to the development of the Shelby GT350® Mustang in 1965, a car that transformed the Mustang into a formidable track machine. The GT350 featured performance upgrades, a distinctive appearance, and a racing pedigree that made it an instant classic.

Carroll Shelby's enduring legacy in motorsport includes the Ford GT40® program, which resulted in Ford's historic victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the 1960s. These wins against the dominant Ferrari team became an integral part of American racing folklore.

In more recent years, Shelby American has continued to produce high-performance vehicles based on Ford platforms, including the Shelby GT500® and the Shelby GT350® Mustangs, offering enthusiasts a taste of Shelby's racing heritage.

Shelby American also offers aftermarket performance parts and upgrades, allowing Shelby enthusiasts to enhance their vehicles' performance, appearance, and exclusivity. The company's Super Snake® package, for instance, elevates the already potent Ford Mustang GT to a supercar-level performance machine.

Carroll Shelby's passion for speed and innovation lives on through the legacy of Shelby American, Inc. The brand continues to build on its storied history, creating high-performance vehicles and products that pay homage to its racing heritage. Whether it's the iconic Cobra, the GT350 Mustang, or the modern-day Shelby GT500, Shelby cars represent the pinnacle of American performance and the enduring spirit of Carroll Shelby.

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